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Our Focus


Aniluxx is committed to bringing science and innovation to pet patients.

Innovation and product development in the field of veterinary medicine has lagged behind other disease areas. While there have been significant treatment developments for human conditions, the standard of care for most veterinary diseases has not changed in several decades.

As a result, new treatment options for veterinary diseases are needed to help address the needs of pet patients and and deliver value to veterinarians.

We are re-envisioning veterinary medicine.

Aniluxx is dedicated to bringing biotech ingenuity to veterinary medicine by delivering important new treatments to the millions of pet patients living with chronic conditions. Our goal is to help transform the way pet family members are treated by leveraging the significant scientific advances being made in understanding human medicine for unmet pet patient needs.

We are answering patient needs across the $5 billion veterinary medicine market by going beyond incremental improvements. Instead, we are focused on developing game-changing therapies that elevate existing standards of care for pets living with chronic diseases.

Our portfolio includes product candidates for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis and other indications.

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